Photoshop For Beginners to Advance | Photoshop Tutorial in Hindi – 2021

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Photoshop For Beginners to Advance | Photoshop Tutorial in Hindi – 2021 in this video you will learn a step by step Photoshop practical use, from Introduction of Photoshop to advance use of Photoshop, This Photoshop Tutorial is for Beginners and also for those who want to learn Photoshop Advance Effects the Topics that you learn in Photoshop are give below

Time Stamps

0:00 – What you will learn in Photoshop?
3:33 – How to Start Photoshop? Photoshop Introduction
25:48 – Photoshop Images Format
31:33 – Eyes Effect in Photoshop
45:07 – Export Image in Photoshop
52:03 – Mirror Effect in Photoshop with Selection tool
1:10:30 – Create Passport Size Photos in Photoshop in Hindi
1:20:20 – Lasso Tools in Photoshop in Hindi
1:31:19 – Pen Tool use in Photoshop
1:45:40 – Blending Options in Photoshop
1:54:13 – Quick Selection tool of Photoshop
2:05:43 – Clone Stamp tool use in Photoshop
2:13:25 – Spot Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop
2:16:42 – Text Tool in Photoshop
2:22:50 – Liquify tool in Photoshop
2:31:15 – Create Text GIF in Photoshop
2:40:00 – Lighting Effect in Photoshop
2:42:08 – Remove Fences in Photoshop
2:56:03 – Create YouTube Thumbnail in Photoshop

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11 Photoshop Tips and Tricks in Hindi

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