When Viv Richards Threatened Wasim Akram & Imran khan betrayed his protégé | Pakistan v West Indies

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The greatest generation of the west Indian team was coming to an end.
malcolm marshall
Michal Holding
Joel Garner
names that had terrified the world till now
A team that had won 2 world cups,
uncountable matches and made nearly unsurmountable records in it’s run.

was coming to an end

and with it, was coming to an end the illustrious career of Vivian Richards.

the year was 1988
and Pakistani team was touring west indies
under the captaincy of Imran khan
armed with 2 new young bowlers Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis

what followed was a test series that has been argued to be the best series ever played

Nail-biting matches
thrilling ending
tempers and tantrums and sledges being thrown around every which way.
and with that
came the final dust up

an epic show down between the west Indian captain and the young Wasim akarm.
which followed a failure in leadership, infact a betrayal from Imran khan.

#imrankhan #pakistan #cricket

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