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You did read the title correct, you no longer can purchase Adobe Photoshop. Adobe is the latest in a line of companies to move to a subscription only model. If you can’t purchase it how will you be able to get it? Well you will have to pay a monthly subscription to have access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud or individual programs. (You will still be able to purchase Adobe Lightroom, at least for now)

Why is Adobe doing this in the first place? One reason is they wanted to focus on making the best product possible which they call the creative cloud. Second they hope to cut back on the bootleg copies. Third, being able to update their software whenever a new feature is ready opposed to waiting 18 months for the next product cycle is important.

So what does it cost? If you do not currently own CS6 the cost for the entire creative cloud which includes 12 different programs is $49.99 a month (on yearly contract). That comes out to $600 a year to access every single software title Adobe makes available. Now this is great for the professional who makes a living using all of these titels who in the past would have to purchase the entire suite every time it was updated. Sure that is a lot of money a year but when this is your profession, it is the cost of doing business.

If you are like me who has no need for anything other than Photoshop $49.99 is way to steep. With that said Adobe has a solution for you as well. You can purchase any one of the titles in the creative cloud for $19.99 a month. Is that worth it, if your profession is built around touching up your images in Photoshop then yes. But if you are just someone who tinkers around here and there the $19.99 a month may not be worth it for you. The funny thing is that the people who are complaining the loudest are the people who have only used bootleg software to begin with.

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