Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: EVERY Tool in the Toolbar Explained and Demonstrated

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in this video we take a look at EVERY toolbar tool in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Move Tool
1:28 Artboard Tool
2:28 Rectangular Marquee Tool
3:10 Elliptical Marquee Tool
4:10 Single Row Marquee Tool
4:40 Single Column Marquee Tool
4:55 Lasso Tool
5:35 Polygonal Lasso Tool
6:25 Magnetic Lasso Tool
7:55 Quick Selection Tool
9:00 Magic Wand Tool
10:41 Crop Tool
11:25 Perspective Crop Tool
12:14 Slice Tool
13:15 Eyedropper Tool
14:06 Color Sampler Tool
14:51 Ruler Tool
16:00 Note Tool
16:40 Count Tool
17:31 Spot Healing Brush Tool
18:40 Healing Brush Tool
19:40 Patch Tool
21:00 Content Aware Move Tool
21:38 Red Eye Tool
22:15 Brush Tool
22:43 Pencil Tool
23:00 Color Replacement Tool
23:40 Mixer Brush Tool
24:27 Clone Stamp Tool
25:13 Pattern Stamp Tool
26:11 History Brush Tool
26:52 Art History Brush Tool
28:00 Eraser Tool
28:22 Background Eraser Tool
29:12 Magic Eraser Tool
29:53 Gradient Tool
31:10 Paint Bucket Tool
31:52 Blur Tool
32:28 Sharpen Tool
32:52 Smudge Tool
33:45 Dodge Tool
34:25 Burn Tool
35:05 Sponge Tool
35:45 Pen Tool
37:13 Path Selection Tool
37:25 Direct Selection Tool
37:48 Horizontal Type Tool
38:10 Vertical Type Tool
38:22 Horizontal/Vertical Mask Type Tool
39:25 Rectangle Shape Tool
40:04 Rounded Rectangle Tool
40:33 Ellipse Tool
40:40 Polygon Tool
41:18 Line Tool
41:46 Custom Shape Tool
42:30 Hand Tool
42:45 Rotate View Tool
43:20 Zoom Tool
43:42 Foreground/Background Colors
44:10 Quick Selection Mask Tool
44:44 View Options

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