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The first thing we do these days to find the information we are looking for is to Google it.  The same applies to those of you who are looking for an easy-to-follow Photoshop elements guide.  The only problem then is to sort through the mass of search results to find what you are looking for.

This can be confusing in itself, and this is before you find a guide and then try and figure that out too!  But have you thought about joining a few Photoshop forums?  I can guarantee you that there will be a small handful of Photoshop experts in the forums who are more than willing to share their experience and expertise in Photoshop.

There will of course be more people asking the questions, but finding one or two forums with experts in their field will be enough if you want to an answer to a specific question.  Therefore you don’t necessarily need a Photoshop elements guide as such if you only need information on specific bits of Photoshop.

Many people are unaware that these niche-specific forums exist never mind actually finding them.  I would suggest here to literally type in the phrase ‘Photoshop elements forum’ and see what comes up.  You can then go through these forums and see if they are what you are looking for.  If they are not, then you could just post a question in these forums asking people if they know of any other good Photoshop forums to find answers to specific questions.

You will be surprised at how friendly and relaxed these forums are, they are even entertaining as you are interacting with people in conversation and you always find a member with a sense of humour which puts a smile on your face while reading their posts.  This is more fun than reading through a Photoshop elements guide on your own.

You could find that you mightn’t need to even post your question in the forum because if you take the time to read through all past posts you might find your answer there.  Or, you could type in your question into the ‘search’ box in the forum and wade through all related posts there.

So you see, if you need to ask specific questions about Photoshop then forums are definitely worth a try.  However, if you are a complete newbie to Photoshop and need to know how to use the entire product from scratch, then yes, getting yourself a copy of a good Photoshop elements guide will be the best place to start.

Source by Claire Bowes

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