Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 New Features & Updates!

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These are the brand new features for Adobe Photoshop, I’ll break them all down for you!
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Intro: 0:00
Sky Replacement: 0:41
Homework: 8:38
Sky Select: 9:20
Content Aware trace: 11:43
Neural Filters: 20:00
Skin Smoothing – Neural filters: 21:05
Class Project: 25:55
Style Transfer – Neural filters: 27:27
Colourize – Neural filters : 29:54
Middletro: 33:24
Remove Backgrounds – Selections: 34:06
Select Subject – Selections: 35:12
Object Aware – Selections: 37:49
Object Selection Tool: 39:23
Pattern Preview: 40:43
Triangle Tool: 46:32
Polygon Tool: 48:23
Gradients: 49:08
Line Tool 50:07
Reset Live Shapes: 50:47
Cloud Documents: 53:11
Actual Pixels: 1:00:14
Plugins: 1:02:31
Outro: 1:03:15

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Adobe Photoshop has had a bunch of new updates and features added following the launch of Adobe Max 2020.

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