How to Create Dreamy Effect in Photoshop

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Learn how to create a dreamy or fantasy effect in Photoshop. Give your images a surreal painterly look with this quick technique. This can be applied in creating fantasy or artistic photo manipulations or composites.

I’m sure you might have seen some surreal and artistic composites in Photoshop. When observed, many have some effects in common. This is one of the most used Photoshop manipulation effects. To create a fantasy scene and bring out the mood in it, one of the best and popular ways to do it is to exaggerate the colors. Maybe by increasing vibrance or saturation. But, when you amplify colors it is a good idea to apply a dreamy photo effect.

This technique does not require any paint filters in Photoshop. However, you can compliment this with some, creativity is upon you. In this method, we will creatively use and exploit the “reduce noise” filter multiple times to get the smooth effect with a particular setting which I discuss in-depth in the video. But after applying the filter several times, the image naturally tends to loose details. To bring back the details, we will apply “High Pass” filter a copy of the original image (without the Reduce Noise filter) and drag this layer above the smooth layer and change the blend mode to “Overlay”.

This helps in giving your a more dramatic photo effect. Besides this, maybe after applying, you can go ahead and apply some cool oil painting filters from the filter gallery. Also, in the latest Photoshop CC, you can even combine more than one filter to approach the effect that you are looking for.

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