What PC do you need to run Adobe Photoshop in 2020?

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This week, I’m sharing discuss what makes the best PC for Adobe PhotoShop in 2019? In this episode, I look at CPU, Graphics, RAM and Storage options. Including discussing Nvidia’s Studio driver and how it can save you £££’s on your next workstation! Oh, I also cover the ultimate storage setup.

Topics Covered:
So what CPU is best for Photoshop?
Do more CPU cores make Photoshop faster?
Does Photoshop work better with Intel or AMD CPUs?
Are Xeon CPUs good for Photoshop?
Do dual CPU setups work for Photoshop?
What GPU (Graphics Card) is best for Photoshop?
Does onboard graphics work in Photoshop?
How much VRAM (video card memory) does Photoshop need?
Do Quadro graphics work in Photoshop?
Will NVIDIA or AMD give better results in Photoshop?
Can Photoshop use RT and Tensor cores that are on the RTX cards?
How much RAM does Photoshop need?
How can I tell what file sizes I’m working on?
What type of storage drive should I use for Photoshop?
What storage configuration is best?
Overview of best specs

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