Psychedelic Photoshop Manipulation – Lazy Tutorials Episode (Episode 62)

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In this class we will create a project called “Guy with a Bear” 😀 It is and advanced Photoshop artwork, that involves using shapes, rainbow colors, glow techniques and more.

Do you want to learn how to create:
– beautiful image edits🤩
– stunning artworks🖌️
– amazing animations🎞️
Start learning here 👉 👈

Full Tutorial:

1. We will use rectangle vector shape in photoshop to create one side of our cube
2. Then we will copy the rectangle to other sides of his head
3. Using perspective tool will help us to make the squares look realistic
4. Later we will groups all of the created rectangles
5. Using mask will help us to hide some of rectangles and put them behind his head
6. Next step will be to add glow to our cube
7. We will add glow by using layer styles and outer glow option
8. Outer glow will help us choose color and strength of our glow
9. Now it is time to edit the colors
10. This will be done by using Camera Raw Filter
11. In camera raw we will use the basic options and also hsl adjustments
12. After that we will start drawing inside the eyes with black and white colors
13. Lets now add outer glow from layer styles to the eyes to make them shine
14. Next step is to add rainbow colors to the sides of our cube
15. This will be done by using empty layer and hue/saturation adjustment layer
16. Then we just have to use mask to hide some of our rainbow colors.
17. That is it with this Photoshop tutorial! 😀

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