Photoshop Beginner Tutorial

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Photoshop Beginner Tutorial

Exercise Files:

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Customizing the Workspace 1:20
Moving and Transforming Objects 6:39
New Document & Placing Images 11:01
Introduction to Layers and Saving 18:13
Cropping, Canvas Size, and Image Size 25:24
Locking, Grouping, and Adjusting Opacity with Layers 31:19
Quick Selection and Layer via Cut 35:00
Magic Wand Tool and Eraser 43:55
Lasso 51:49
Layer Effects and Cloning 57:19
Introduction to Shapes and Colors 1:04:54
Introduction to Type 1:11:52
Layer Effects 1:18:23
Shapes 1:22:55
Custom Shapes 1:32:12
Color Swatches and Gradients 1:39:02
Type and Typography 1:50:07
Clipping Masks 1:57:48
Introduction to Masks 2:05:58
Levels Adjustment Layer 2:14:39
Curves Adjustment Layer 2:21:06
Black and White and Hue-Saturation Adjustment Layer 2:26:41
Vibrance and Curves Adjustment Layer – Blue Skies 2:36:36
Red Eye Removal 2:39:27
Dodge and Burn Tool 2:41:01
Spot Healing Brush Tool 2:46:41
Patch Tool and Content Aware Fill 2:51:56
Clone Stamp Tool 2:57:41
Filters 3:02:49
Field Blur 3:08:15
Preferences 3:14:01
Conclusion 3:18:44


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