Adobe Photoshop Cs 7.0 Tutorials Part -6 in Bangla for Beginners | মাত্র 15 মিনিটে শিখুন ফটোশপ|Rahul

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As Adobe Photoshop deals with the editing and composing of Raster images (images based on small colorful dots referred as pixels) and it has very little ability to edit or compose Vector images, videos and 3D graphics so it is often referred as Raster Graphics Editor. Using this software one can draw or edit an image (Raster Image) on multiple layers. Further, through Photoshop two or more than two images can be combined flawlessly that they give the impression of a single image. This method of combining two or more than two images is called Compositing or Alpha Compositing. Adobe Photoshop supports all major color models including RGB Color, CMYK Color, Grayscale, Bitmap and LAB Color. Images edited or composed by the use of Adobe Photoshop can be saved in various formats e.g. JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.

At the top of the main window of Photoshop 7.0 there can be seen a Menu Bar containing nine different tabs named File, Edit , Image , Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window and Help. Each tab represents a different menu. Each menu contains various options and each option is proved important and helpful in some way or the other whenever it comes to compose or edit any image in Photoshop.


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