Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial (Easy Compositing)

A double exposure Photoshop tutorial that is easy to understand! I’m using a portrait photo of a beautiful woman and a second image of some pine trees. We’re gonna use blending modes to achieve this beautiful compositing effect.

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0:00 What you will learn
0:24 Selecting the subject with the Pen Tool
1:22 Creating a layer mask to remove the background
2:00 Adding a custom white background
2:40 Importing the second image into the working document
3:10 Adding more contrast between the trees and the sky
4:09 Repositioning the trees for optimal composition
4:37 Refining the silhouette of the model to blend in with the sky
5:49 Hiding unwanted parts from the image
7:14 Tips and tricks to spice up the final look

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