Pixel Stretch Effect with 3 Simple Steps in Photoshop!

Photoshop Effects
The Definitive Guide to Pixel Stretching in Photoshop! In this lesson, learn how to create the popular pixel stretch effect in three fundamental stages. We will dive deep into the quintessential techniques required for a seamless and natural stretch. Right from making the picking the right pixels from the edge to creating a beautiful flow, we will go through it all.

Also, to make the process easier and faster, we will be taking advantage of some Photoshop Actions. You can download these Actions using the link below, and watch the video to learn how to use them.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

1. Sample Image: https://bit.ly/3gKjx6u
2. Finished PSD: https://bit.ly/3xyBsTG (Only for our Patreon Family)
3. Pixel Stretch Actions (Left Only): https://bit.ly/2QDCn4K

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Step 1: Separate the Subject
03:35 Step 2: Play the Pixel Stretch Action & Create the Stretch
13:40 Step 3: Warp the Stretch
15:02 Bonus Tip 1: Additional 3D Stretch
16:22 Bonus Tip 2: Using the Real Background
17:31 Bonus Tip 3: Natural Hair Edges
19:41 Bonus Tip 4: Adding Highlights
21:17 Bonus Tip 5: Adding Shadows
23:02 Conclusion and Recap
23:48 Important Announcement for PiXimperfect

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