Photoshop Snow Effect: Add falling snow to your photos!

Photoshop Effects
In this tutorial, I show you how to add realistic falling snow to your winter photos with Photoshop!
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How To Add Snow in Photoshop

– Add a new blank layer named “Snow” (0:21)
– Fill the new layer with black (0:50)
– Apply the Add Noise filter (1:11)
– Increase the size of the noise (1:43)
– Change the layer blend mode to Screen (2:19)
– Apply the Motion Blur filter (2:35)
– Add a Levels adjustment layer (3:20)
– Create a clipping mask (3:40)
– Drag the black point and white point sliders (4:03)
– Duplicate the Snow and Levels layers (4:37)
– Select the “Snow copy” layer (5:07)
– Rotate the layer 180 degrees (5:11)
– Apply the Crystallize filter (5:23)
– Apply the Motion Blur filter (6:01)
– Re-adjust the Levels sliders (6:26)

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