Making selections in Adobe Photoshop Ep9/33 [Adobe Photoshop for Beginners]

In this tutorial we are going to look at how to use one of the most common tools in Photoshop, the selection tools. As you begin to create in Photoshop, you will find that one of the most fundamental tools are the selection tools.

The selection tools allows you to make and control particular selections in your canvas area. The created selections work as a focus which will allow you to make a whole series of
creative decisions.


In this video tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 for mac. Almost all of the principles demonstrated and covered will apply to future and previous versions. Some differences may apply if you are using a previous or future version.

Topics Covered

00:01:52 Selections with the Marquee tool
00:08:41 Selections with the Lasso tools
00:13:30 Selections with the Magic wand tool
00:17:05 Selection tips
00:17:34 Select Layer outline
00:18:42 Save selection

Keyboard shortcuts used in this video:

I – Eyedropper tool
G – Paint Bucket tool
W – Magic Wand tool

cmd (Ctrl PC) + D – Deselect Selection
cmd (Ctrl PC) + A – Select all

cmd (Ctrl PC) + Shift + N – New layer

Press & hold alt + click or drag – Remove from selection (with marquee tools active)

Press & hold shift + click or drag – Add to selection (with marquee tools active)
Press & hold shift + click & drag – Scale selection (with marquee tool active)




Download the project folder for free from the overview video here:


Download the PDF from the overview video here:




00 – The Complete Beginners Guide To Adobe Photoshop | Course overview & breakdown

This video is part of a 33 part course:


01 – Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

02 – Panels & Workspaces in Adobe Photoshop

03 – Raster Image principles in Adobe Photoshop

04 – Image size, Dimension, & Resolution in Adobe Photoshop

05 – Layers in Adobe Photoshop

06 – Common file types in Adobe Photoshop

07 – Colour in Adobe Photoshop

08 – 10 Handy tips for beginners to Adobe Photoshop


09 – Making selections in Adobe Photoshop

10 – Copy & paste in Adobe Photoshop

11 – Transform tools in Adobe Photoshop

12 – Using brushes in Adobe Photoshop

13 – Eraser tool & Layer masking

14 – Shape tool in Adobe Photoshop

15 – Type principals in Adobe Photoshop

16 – Layer styles in Adobe Photoshop

17 – Paths & the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop

18 – Smart objects in Adobe Photoshop

19 – Colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop

20 – Adjustment layers in Photoshop

21 – Filters in Photoshop

22 – Blending modes in Adobe Photoshop

23 – Saving in Adobe Photoshop


24 – Setting up a document

25 – 3D paper type effect

26 – Rainbow & clouds illustration

27 – Manage complexity and working smart

28 – Decorating an origami paper bird

29 – Create a origami bird logo

30 – Adding type to the design

31 – Save for print in Adobe Photoshop

32 – Adapt a print design for a web banner

33 – Save for web in Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop course and all associated files created and composed by Gareth David of
Copyright TastyTuts © All Rights Reserved
Content may be distributed freely for educational purposes only


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