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You might be familiar with halftone patterns being used in printing. While they are essential for that specific medium, halftone patterns also provide a very unique look to design work. Halftone is a technique that simulates tone gradations by using dots. These dots, vary in size, spacing and sometimes even shapes to generate a halftone gradient effect.

The closer and bigger the dots on the pattern, the darker the image is. The opposite is for lighter areas, the dots are smaller and more spread out. When it is all put together, the halftone effect creates the illusion of gradation when seen from afar.

Nowadays it is commonly used digitally to achieve a comic book look, representing nostalgia for the past in the digital age. It is also used for screen printing and grunge effects.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to achieve a halftone effect in Photoshop. You can apply these steps to any image of your liking to achieve a black and white halftone and color halftone. We will also take a look at how to create your own halftone brushes in Photoshop, this can help you add great details to your artwork. Last, we will look at how to create halftone brushes in Illustrator. This is perfect if you are getting started in the illustration world and want to develop your skill and style.

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Assets Used in this Video:
• Headphones Image:
• Halftone Textures:
• Vintage Comic Book Halftone Brushes:

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